Stray Kids <GO生> UNVEIL : TRACK "타"

10 jun 2020
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Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) <GO生> UNVEIL : TRACK "타"
Stray Kids THE 1ST ALBUM "GO生"
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  • 0:31 shawty got lo

    i am STAYi am STAYHace 8 horas
  • say YES to SKZ WORLD DOMINATION!!!!!! And say YES to SKZ 타 FULL MV !!!!!!

    WeGoCarpeDiemWeGoCarpeDiemHace 18 horas
  • Lee know is so handsome

    Multi Kpop FanMulti Kpop FanHace 18 horas
  • it's just so beautiful

    side effectsside effectsHace 18 horas
  • ❤️

    Cats ReedusCats ReedusHace un día
  • About 'The Nation's Most Dangerous Mafia Group -- STRAY KIDS Hyunjin-Leader 0:34 -don't pick a fight with him, he'll command more corrupt than your imagination Chris- Muscle guy 0:27 -he has a good temper, so may not beat you out of anger, but he has great obedience as well. -will hang you if he's leader says so Lee Know 0:52 -Murderer 1 -brutal butcher, has the guts to kill his leader as well but yeaH- Lee Felix 0:48 -Murderer 2 -soft assassin, he'll not kill a fly without the order of his administration -Hyunjin's ideal because of his obedience SPEARB 0:41 -hacker of the pack -don't even bother putting locks on your info. he can pass thru ANYTHING -fast hands, fast mind, fast tongue, everything's fast J.ONE 0:01 -machine guy -lights, guns, bombs, communicators, you name it -he has them in his cheekies; kidding pockets Seungmin 0:58 -he likes being ✨clean✨ -he hates having blood on his precious hands, so he makes sure to carry extra for everyone -he helps them blend in with the crowd also keeping guard on by-passers I.N 0:11 -don't be fooled by his visual, that's the form in which numerous people died -you'd be staring at his pretty face, while the rest of the pack takes away your...well everything BEWARE OF THEM. ONCE YOU GET INVOLVED...YOU'LL STAY FOREVER

    Sanat Kumar PandaSanat Kumar PandaHace un día

      flaniie boo。flaniie boo。Hace un día
  • Por que dura tan poco? no entiendo :(

    FelixFelixHace un día
  • No one: Not even a secretary: Stray kids: having a hard drive so full of content they lost the ta mv and have to overfeed us stays content until they can find it

    all I want for Christmas is Woo *Comeback*all I want for Christmas is Woo *Comeback*Hace un día

    neila auraneila auraHace un día
  • Here after TA dance practice 🔥❤️❤️

    Star SekijeuStar SekijeuHace un día
  • who's here after the dance practice ??

    Nana KIMNana KIMHace un día
  • Bruh wait, what!? There already was an MV and I'm here 5 months later after the release of the practice video 😔

    m3m3sozm3m3sozHace un día
    • This technically doesn’t count as an mv😅it’s just an unveil track, they do this for most of their b-sides. Kind of like how they had an unveil for easy and then the actual music video

      rosedollllrosedollllHace un día

    Airam InoraAiram InoraHace un día
  • Para cuando el Mv?!

    Airam InoraAiram InoraHace un día
    • No va a haber mv

      Kpoper-NaviYoungKpoper-NaviYoungHace un día
  • everyone: this is the worst year ever ...we have nobody stay: worst year but not for us ...we have stray kids.. stray kids whoooo~saranghe stray kids ....we will love and support u till the eternity

    Manorama BishtManorama BishtHace un día
  • Now we have TA's dance practice :>

    skz loveskz loveHace un día
  • 0:24 Everyone deserves to see this

    Gab PalomaresGab PalomaresHace un día
  • Love u from INDIA 🇮🇳

    Be YourselfBe YourselfHace un día
  • remember that one behind the scenes video from ages ago that nobody knew? well here u go

    Oneus BubbleOneus BubbleHace un día
  • Who's here after the dance practice?

    Eesha UmerEesha UmerHace un día
  • Finally finally TAAAAAAAAAA

    Thùy Linh HỏaThùy Linh HỏaHace un día
  • Who is here after the watching the practice video?!!

    RUCHA ifntRUCHA ifntHace un día
  • Who is here after choreographic video?

    Dian RieseDian RieseHace un día
  • Anyone who know about I.N backpack please tell me :"

    HananaisyelloHananaisyelloHace un día
  • I cant look at Felix without his mullet *weep*

    IM URE HOpEIM URE HOpEHace un día
  • Fun fact: ''TA'' is a British slang that means "thank you"

    JPM-44JPM-44Hace 3 días
  • ♥️♥️♥️

    Asia HakmiAsia HakmiHace 3 días
  • نبي امفي تاااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا

    Lubna AliLubna AliHace 3 días
  • Why is it only 1 minute and 46 seconds :( i wish it was longer

    Hyunjin babyHyunjin babyHace 4 días
  • So...this is the mv?

    Yunn:] _ooYunn:] _ooHace 5 días
    • djjdhdhd sadly, it isn't ):

      breux yslbreux yslHace 4 días
  • I love you stray kids 🤍🤍🤍🤍......

    دانيه البلويدانيه البلويHace 5 días

    Nor FaizahNor FaizahHace 6 días

    Stray KidsStray KidsHace 6 días
  • Я снова в депрессию,ребят это иллюзия,его не выпускают потому что его нет

    Таня ФедороваТаня ФедороваHace 6 días

    Syafira Kholifatul JannahSyafira Kholifatul JannahHace 6 días
  • MV de TA te pienso todos los días.

    thy.thy.Hace 6 días
  • We need a mv of this

    Martina Ayessa LayogMartina Ayessa LayogHace 6 días
  • The MV that we never got lol

    Horen LastTeacher 2.0Horen LastTeacher 2.0Hace 7 días
  • alright that’s it, nobody can hold my glow sticks unless your skz

    M SM SHace 9 días
  • ...더 줘

    이수경이수경Hace 9 días
  • where's the mv?

    Precious FloresPrecious FloresHace 10 días
  • so jyp... when is the mv coming out

    chloechloeHace 10 días
  • 이번 콘서트에 타가 없다면.......... 없다면 난...........어떻게될지몰라..........

    김퐁말김퐁말Hace 12 días
    • 다행..

      김퐁말김퐁말Hace un día
  • Если ваша тусовка не похожа на эту, не зовите, хд

    kateRINAkateRINAHace 12 días
  • Кто тут?

    kateRINAkateRINAHace 12 días
  • я все еще надеюсь на клип эх

    LY RLY RHace 13 días
  • So this is what people talking about no mv

    Grace_ SaGrace_ SaHace 13 días
  • 비미랑 타 내놔...너무해..

    ᄋᄋᄋᄋHace 14 días
  • Y'all did dirty to B Me and TA :( We want MV :(

    Kim SujiKim SujiHace 14 días
  • hyunjin looks exactly like Kenma from Haikyuu thats how i found skz actually, so thanks to kenma at this point :D

    muriel xyzmuriel xyzHace 14 días
  • Lagu sama videonya asik banget

    Just stayJust stayHace 15 días
  • Jisung looks so cute at the beginning 0:22

    Namjoon's 34th airpodsNamjoon's 34th airpodsHace 15 días
  • im give up asking for the mv you did dirty to TA and B Me for reallll TT

    3Racha supremacy3Racha supremacyHace 16 días
  • anyone here cuz shopee

    Jerry ChingJerry ChingHace 16 días
    • wohoo

      Jerry ChingJerry ChingHace 15 días
    • Can't wait this night >.

      Siti ZulhijahSiti ZulhijahHace 15 días
  • *JYPE CADÊ O MV????????*

    Sua Tradutora LiaSua Tradutora LiaHace 17 días

    Chan BangChan BangHace 17 días
  • В ожидании.

    abhdyrabhdyrHace 18 días
  • Come on drop the mv😭😭

    Potatoes TomatoesPotatoes TomatoesHace 18 días
  • Nunca entenderé pq en vez de grabar para los teaser, directamente no grabais el MV v:

    jEoGiYo nUnA hOgSi nAmgAcHiNgU iSs-EoYeOjEoGiYo nUnA hOgSi nAmgAcHiNgU iSs-EoYeOHace 18 días
  • Sigo esperando os quiero

    jEoGiYo nUnA hOgSi nAmgAcHiNgU iSs-EoYeOjEoGiYo nUnA hOgSi nAmgAcHiNgU iSs-EoYeOHace 18 días
  • Esta cancion para el priximo mundial plis

    Andrea MonsalveAndrea MonsalveHace 19 días
  • I FOUND THE CURSED THING! In B Me Felix was on Chan's shoulders and in TA Felix is again on Chan's shoulders!

    X YX YHace 19 días
  • i'm waiting for the MV 7u7

    RO. CRO. CHace 21 un día
  • TA🤝B ME

    cath _cath _Hace 22 días

    keisha auliakeisha auliaHace 24 días
  • Sampe sekarang gua masi nungguin mv nya di rilis :)

    hyunjin lixhyunjin lixHace 26 días
    • sama:)

      keisha auliakeisha auliaHace 23 días
  • STAYs are you all still waiting for the MV?

    Side EffectsSide EffectsHace 27 días

    Firda SyavieraFirda SyavieraHace 27 días

    Firda SyavieraFirda SyavieraHace 27 días
  • I still want TA MV

    Victoria PozdnyakovaVictoria PozdnyakovaHace 27 días
  • Me sentí estafada

    Vanessa VillalbaVanessa VillalbaHace un mes
  • Sacarlo xfavar que os cargáis altos visuales en este teaser

    jEoGiYo nUnA hOgSi nAmgAcHiNgU iSs-EoYeOjEoGiYo nUnA hOgSi nAmgAcHiNgU iSs-EoYeOHace un mes
  • Cuando sacáis Ta y B me, os gusta vernos quedar como payasos😔

    jEoGiYo nUnA hOgSi nAmgAcHiNgU iSs-EoYeOjEoGiYo nUnA hOgSi nAmgAcHiNgU iSs-EoYeOHace un mes
  • Todavía hay esperanza gente, octubre de 2020 y sigo esperando Ta..

    jEoGiYo nUnA hOgSi nAmgAcHiNgU iSs-EoYeOjEoGiYo nUnA hOgSi nAmgAcHiNgU iSs-EoYeOHace un mes
  • We need Ta mv n B me mv :"

    Yuki ChanYuki ChanHace un mes
  • Its been 4 most... Where's the fcking mv😢

    MariaMariaHace un mes
  • it has been 4months,and WE STILL DONT GET A TA MV(so b me now too

    Its my LeeKnow God MenuIts my LeeKnow God MenuHace un mes
  • why ta no mv

    Its my LeeKnow God MenuIts my LeeKnow God MenuHace un mes
  • Kenapa mereka suka ngebadutin stay :(

    Salmaa Khanza syaviraSalmaa Khanza syaviraHace un mes
  • 언제 MV는 투고됩니까?

    yuuki Vlogyuuki VlogHace un mes
  • Han pasado 4 meses y aún sigo esperando el mv :(

    Alejandra SabanAlejandra SabanHace un mes
  • I want the full MV plz JYPE 😭🙏

    zuneira Alwanzuneira AlwanHace un mes
  • día 131 sin el mv de TA

    catita ¡! pancatita ¡! panHace un mes
  • сестричка b me🤩🤩

    Тэффи ТейтТэффи ТейтHace un mes
  • мне физически больно от того что клипа нет

    Тэффи ТейтТэффи ТейтHace un mes
  • Uhm In Life Era is over yet still no TA music video-

    Jolinexoxo .1Jolinexoxo .1Hace un mes

    Hyun.eHyun.eHace un mes
  • Aquí esperando el MV de Ta :((

    Citlalli RiveraCitlalli RiveraHace un mes
  • JYP give us TA and B Me MVs!!!!!

    UMSTSTUMSTSTHace un mes
  • Dear TA, You deserved better Love, STAY But guys on a serious note, even if we didn't get TA (and b me), lets thank skz for working so hard, producing amazing music and so much content for us

    kind personkind personHace un mes
  • Ini kapan rilis sayang snsjshshsh

    Hwang HyunjinHwang HyunjinHace un mes
  • Yo aun no pierdo la esperanza de un mv de TA

    Mariana CastilloMariana CastilloHace un mes
  • I’m low key mad lee know didn’t get lines

    Candice CBCandice CBHace un mes
  • when kaya

    Davyn ChiveDavyn ChiveHace un mes

    Marshmallows n NutellaMarshmallows n NutellaHace un mes
  • 타 뮤비 주세요..

    violescentviolescentHace un mes
  • still hoping that they will release the full before this year ends.... huhuhu

    shinigami no meshinigami no meHace un mes
  • ONE OF THE GREATEST SONG, you can't not to dance. It's impossible.

    ValeValeHace un mes
  • I'm still waiting for Ta and B Me mv..

    alifa islamalifa islamHace un mes
  • Mga mahal where's the mv na?😩🤡

    eyow bbyeyow bbyHace un mes